Braces, expertly provided by Dr. Saritha Chary-Reddy, can transform your smile. However, proper oral hygiene is paramount when you have braces to ensure your teeth remain healthy throughout your orthodontic journey. Here are some essential tips on brushing and flossing with braces.

Brushing with Braces:

  • Use a soft-bristle toothbrush to avoid damaging wires and brackets.
  • Angle your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to clean the area between the braces and your gums.
  • Brush each tooth individually, including the front, top and back.
  • Brush your tongue and the roof of your mouth to remove bacteria and freshen your breath.
  • Brush for at least two minutes, twice a day.

Flossing with Braces:

  • Use a floss threader or a special orthodontic floss to get under the wires and between the teeth.
  • Gently guide the floss between the teeth, being careful not to damage the wires.
  • Be thorough and floss between every tooth, including the hard-to-reach areas.

Rinse with Fluoride Mouthwash:

  • Rinse your mouth with a fluoride mouthwash to strengthen your teeth and prevent cavities.
  • Mouthwash can reach areas that a toothbrush and floss may miss.

Regular Dental Check-Ups:

  • Schedule routine dental check-ups with our orthodontist and team to monitor your oral health and ensure that your braces are properly maintained.

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